About Us

"Cheese Never Sleeps"

Back in the day it was all about cheese. Cheese is one of the very few foods that, due to its extraordinarily high numbers of living organisms, never stops changing - it doesn't sleep! Like wine it matures with time and every batch will taste slightly different. 

But Italian food is too good to stop at and as the business grew so did our product offer. We are a “Gastronomia” which in Italian means delicatessen, and we stock everything you need to make  your food taste “Spettacolare”. We want you to ‘ave  as much fun eating it as we ‘ave preparing it for you.

The Best of Italy

From Piedmonte (where Marco our founder comes from) to Puglia (where Germana our UK director is from) we search “dapertutto” to bring you the best Italian food. We won’t sleep until we do!! .

We not only have the best Italian product, we also have the best team working for us at Borough Market and preparing your online orders. They are full of knowledge about Italian food and are passionate about making you fall in love with our products.

Our website has nearly of the products available in out store, but if there's something you have bought from us in the past and cannot find here, please get in touch at ciao@gastronomicamarket.co.uk and we will help you find what you are looking for.